"Seniors in Art"

This traveling exhibit curated by the Roslindale Arts Alliance was planned as part of the annual Ethos Senior Palooza celebration. The exhibit was shown at the West Roxbury Public Library during the month of May 2010. During June and July, 2010 the exhibit can be seen at Deutsches Altenheim, German Centre for Extended Care, 2222 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA - web site - During August, 2010 the exhibit will be at Springhouse Retirement Community in Jamaica Plain - web site

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Read Parkway Transcript article - Roslindale Arts Alliance boasts "Seniors in Art" at Deutsches Altenheim




This photo was taken in October of 2009 during a visit to Maine where my mother in law, Natalie Bates, currently resides. I am always struck by the expressiveness of her hands as well as her wonderful sense of color. She is the primary inspiration for my series "Aging", and is the subject of prize winning photos

Cheryl Levin

"Natalie's Hands"

Digital Prnt - 16"x20" framed - $175
Web Site

Dr. Cheryl Levin is a clinical psychologist and photographer. She addresses themes of change over time in both the human body and the environment. Her "Rust" series is currently exhibited in a joint show with her husband Peter Bates, at the Alchemy Gallery in Bradenton, Florida. She has also exhibited locally, at the Goddard House, the Boston Home, Boston City Hall and several Roslindale businesses and restaurants.

I can be contacted by phone at (617) 861-7716


I witnessed Catherine hold her great grandchidren for the first time and was struck by how the scene symbolized the eternal cycle of life. She and the babies are looking across four generations of family. Catherine passed her spark on to her daughter, who passed it on to her own son, who passed it on to Nathan and Gavin - the babies in the piece. Catherine died peacefully last October, but in a very real sense she lives on in Nathan and Gavin who are the current keepers of the flame. I expect they will honor it as well as she did.

FYI - Catherine is my mother-in-law, and Peggy and I are the babies' grandparents.

Bill Mahan

"Across Generations"
Acrylic - 21 x 21 - $2000

Web Site

Bill Mahan has been painting recreationally for over thirty years and has won numerous awards in that time. His painting, "Cranberry Harvest", was included in last year's AARP calendar representing the month of November. His work has been shown at City Hall, Logan Airport, the Boston Conventon Center, The Charles Playhouse and numerous other venues. He is a member of the Roslindale Art Alliance and has made multiple appearances on the television show "It's All About Arts". His contact information is: phone, 617-325-01274; e-mail, wmahan@rcn.com; website,http://simplesite.com/Mahan-Art.

"These two lifelong friends have weathered many of life's storms together. Taking cover under one big red umbrella, they are a source of love, laughter, understanding and comfort for each other. Their lives are interwoven, they hold each others secrets and dreams. In life, if you have one such friend you are truly blessed."

Ekua Holmes

"All Weather Friends"
giclee print
11 x 14 (approx.)
Web Site

Ekua Holmes is a lifelong resident of Roxbury and a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art. Ekua Holmes is a local artist in the classic sense. She has lived and worked within the greater Boston area all her life. She has become a keen observer of her environment, and she has repeatedly chosen it for subject matter. She is a painter, designer, and collage artist. Her magnificently colorful collages answer a need to communicate to future generations what life is like today--what we are feeling and thinking, our struggles and victories. Visual art, she says, holds important clues to understanding the history of humankind. The artist, she continues, keeps the details of the changing human landscape of time and space, and in this way keeps a conversation with eternity. Perhaps it is because of this profound understanding that Ekua’s colors are so engagingly intense and, as one reviewer has said, her art is fearlessly bold, yet personal and intimate. Indeed, her art "honors the past as it rescues the discarded and forgotten and lifts up relationships, especially the family.”

"In my current work I have “looked outside of my window” for inspiration and subject matter. I work primarily in collage using a process of searching for and rescuing what has been lost, forgotten or discarded. Using these found textures, photographs, and ephemera, I reconstruct new images, which resonate with a larger message, beyond the particularities of place, to reveal relationships between the local and the universal. Although much of my work is set in an urban environment with a predominately black population, these portraits of beloved Aunties, sacred gardens and children at play, sing with lyrics as old as mankind. My goal is that the exploration of the very personal vision enriches and completes a wide social context, while playing with the tension between the very flat medium of collage and an articulated sense of depth."

Ekua Holmes can be reached online: www.ekuaholmes.com, via email: ekuaholmes@gmail.com, or by phone: 617-780-9765



"All Heart" was created as an homage to my grandfather, John. T Davis, who passed away in November of 2009. "Papa" was a loving patriarch who lived to take care of his family and to keep a smile on everyone’s face. Last spring, I was able to visit with my grandfather at his home in Florida. We spent some time chatting about our family history and his long work history. This special visit inspired me deeply. My grandfather had his first job when he was 13, joined the Navy Reserve by 18, served active duty on a Light Cruiser and began his family at the age of 21 with the birth of my father. Eventually, Papa had built a large, caring family of 2 children, 4 step-children, 13 grand-children and 4 great-grand children. He was a family man and a hard worker who spent 23 years with the Department of Public Works as the Superintendent of Streets.

I was reminded how "Papa" spent a lifetime making everyone around him feel so special and taken care of. He had a unique talent for this. This made me think... what a better place this world would be if everyone subscribed to this philosophy.

I began writing about my grandfather in my journal while working in my art studio. I came across a St. Anthony medal that reminded me of belief and hope. Papa's mother, my great-grandmother, would always have us pray to St Anthony when we lost things. While I know St. Anthony won't bring back Papa, I have so much to hold onto that he's left behind.

This mixed-media piece was created before John Davis passed away in the fall of 2009 because he was just that: "All Heart."

Kasey Davis Appleman

"All Heart"
Mixed-Media - 8 x 8
- Not for Sale
Web Site

Kasey Davis Appleman is a collector, assembler, painter, photographer, and arts educator. She finds inspiration through her love of nature and her passion for collecting antiques, miniatures and the “found object.” Her art captures the beauty of texture, the mystery of assembling and the quirky happenstance of objects and nature. She is a subscriber to life-long learning, creativity and play. Kasey comes by her talent honestly as a fifth generation New England Artist would. She lives and makes art in Boston, MA. and has worked for more than 15 years as an arts educator with students of all ages. She studied art at Emmanuel College and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting and printmaking. Visit kaseyappleman.com to learn more about her mixed-media and photography.


The subject of my piece is my maternal grandmother, Shirley, with whom I had a close relationship until her death at 94; she had a profound and positive influence on me.

Susan Axe-Bronk

Wood Cut - 10" x 13" (17" x 21") framed
Not for Sale

I began creating prints as a child, benefitting from the enlightened Philadelphia public school system’s enrichment program in fine arts. Over the years, I have worked in other media as well, but always come back to printmaking. I enjoy creating woodcuts for their stark, high contrast images. My favorite woodcut artist is Kathe Kollwitz.

No matter what medium I work in, portraits are most compelling to me. I especially love the way woodcut prints capture the unique lines of an aging face.

As a certified art teacher, I have been teaching art for the past ten years to students aged five to eighty five in a variety of venues including my home studio, Newton Community Education and Bunker Hill Community College. I am a member of the Newton Art Association. I accept commissions for portraits in pastel and woodcut and can be contacted at: axebronk@aol.com .


My parents, Marguerite and Miles, were married over 66 years; they were truly inseparable. In this painting, they were at St. Simon's, Georgia, one of their favorite places and where we spent much time as a family. My mother, always a live wire, is hamming it up in a great beach hat, while my father, the quiet one, looks into the middle distance, no doubt scanning the horizon for weather developments, because he was a meteorologist. The way they were together was wonderful to watch. I miss them.

Emily Harris Covert

"My Parents"
oil - 6" x 9"Not for Sale

I've illustrated four children's books; my work is in a number of corporate and private collections. Several paintings from my books are included in "Sea Dogs! Great Tails of the Sea," a travelling exhibition originated by Mystic Seaport Museum of America and the Sea, and scheduled for its fourth venue in Nantucket at the Egan Maritime Museum, opening Memorial Day Weekend 2010. I'm always available for commissions, and have portraits (both human and animal!), as well as landscapes, in private collections. I can be reached at (617) 327-7404. And for the last 14 years, I've worked at Children's Hospital Boston as a medical graphics specialist in the Cardiology Art Department. I live with my husband John and my cat Socrates in Roslindale, MA.


"Some Gave All" was painted in 2006 as a tribute to the dignity and sacrifice of our aging veterans who have served this country.

Deb Putnam

"Some Gave All"
oil on canvas - 34 x 38" - $1,900

Web Site

As an artist living in South Boston, Deb finds a limitless source for her paintings. Sunny days and moonlit nights find her painting on neighborhood street corners. When painting outdoors is not possible she works on larger scale paintings derived from old photos or small studies along with portraits in her studio. Her choice of subject matter, such as old stores, Laundromats and antique cars pays homage to a disappearing landscape. With her portraits and old photograph derived works she is hoping to also portray an intimate moment in time. It is her hope that with these paintings she is able to celebrate these landmarks and people.
Deb has a BFA in painting from Mass College of Art and teaches art part-time at the S B Catholic Academy.

Please visit www.dputnamart.com to view her work.


My picture is of Anna, a longtime, much loved resident of Briarwood Healthcare in Needham, where my elderly father has also resided for over four years now. Over the years of visiting my Dad at Briarwood I have developed friendships with many of the staff, families and friends of residents, and of course, the residents there. Briarwood encourages an open and communal sort of approach and participation of all the people who work, live and visit. Anna always made much of her longevity whether she was in the library socializing, participating and helping with various events, over meals in the large dining room where attendance is regular and high. So we knew when she changed years and that she was one of the older people at the nursing facility. Anna also loved good clothes, especially hats. She had many vintage hats that her family helped her dress up in every day. I snapped this picture last November when Anna participated in dress up for Halloween as Queen Elizabeth. She had turned 101 the previous February. She passed away comfortably at the end of December. She was one of a number of special characters I knew/know at Briarwood. She is very much missed!

Ellen Smith

101 years old playing
Queen Elizabeth at Halloween
11 x 14" Not for Sale

I am a quiet, many year resident of Jamaica Plain, where I've always visited the Open Studios and art shows taking place there and in the Boston area where I've worked in graphic production, for over 20 years. I've also taken many art classes at the Eliot School, MassArt, New England School of Design and RISD. My serious interest in photography has happened only in the last five years or so. I'm currently taking workshops at the New England School of Photography. I enjoy shooting people and the elderly in particular so I was delighted when a friend told me of this exhibit in Roslindale. I'm so glad I screwed up my courage, entered and will finally exhibit for this good cause!


"The Family Who Lived in a Shoe" is from a series of illustrations of nursery rhymes I made for a book entitled Hey, Diddle Diddle! and Other Rhymes. In it I tried to show a twist or a new way of thinking about each of the traditional rhymes. As you know, in the traditional version the Old Woman who lived in a shoe whips her children and sends them to bed, but I imagined her instead settling all those children down with bedtime stories. There's so much joy and so much potential for sharing across generations in the simple act of reading or telling stories together.

Anne Nydam

"The Family Who Lived in a Shoe"
Block Print - 12.5x12.5 inches - $90.00

Web Site

As a writer and as an artist I think everything I do is about expressing a vision of the world that will both speak to the truths others know and spark new understandings. One of my deep joys is watching the love my parents and my children share with each other. I can be reached at anne@nydamprints.com, through my web site www.nydamprints.com, and at 781-453-9323. I'm always happy to hear from people.


Maggy is a 104 year old resident of Mount Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain. Back in April, 2009, when I took this picture she was 103. Her birthday celebration falls on July 4th. Maggy is a very cheerful and friendly lady who loves sports, special when it comes to the Red Sox Games.

Gloria Carrigg

"Maggy McKenna"

104 years old Mt. Pleasant Home
Photography - 16" X 20" - $ 200.00

Gloria Carrigg’s passion is to photograph people faces, landscapes, National Parks and everything related to mother nature.  Boston urban landscapes are so picturesque and so breath taken that encourage people to be outdoors.  Gloria frequently takes long walks at different public parks around the Boston area.  That enables her to be in touch with the environment and able to appreciate the beauty of threes, shrubs and smell the scent of the flowers.  She also loves to listening to the birds singing and view the changing of the seasons, those are the things that Gloria loves.  She call herself a gentle observer and a witness of the constant changes of the environment. She loves to capture the ordinary moment leaving the subject untouched.   The  most important of her photography is that she is able to capture with her camera lenses those special moments and places to share them with you. 



I hoped the watercolor painting “Senior Learning Moment” would capture a familiar senior scene while it was evolving – a picture the viewer might recognize with a smile. The canvas shows the hand of an elderly lady resting peacefully on the front page of an open book entitled “Computer Manual for Beginners”. A magnifying glass is within easy reach. Has this elderly lady finally and courageously decided to respond to family urging and attempt to enter cyberspace? Is this a moment for further consideration before taking such a confusing step? Maybe a short nap would help while thinking it over once more! 

Elinor Downs

"A Senior Learning Moment"
- 11 1/2" x 9" - Not For Sale

I am a 10th generational New Englander, a retired physician (pediatrics and public health), a vocational archaeologist, a great-grandmother, and now I live in a retirement community in Jamaica Plain – Springhouse. 

I have never considered myself to be an artist but over the years I have dabbled in scientific illustration and cartooning – all in black & white. About 3 years ago I became intrigued by the idea of experimenting with color using watercolor as a medium. Without any special training, but with lots of encouragement from Springhouse Activities Director, Jackie Katz, I have found fun and satisfaction splashing paint over paper. I have no particular style or subject matter. I seem to enjoy most trying to depict movement, change, action, mood, invisible things like wind or suggesting a story. 

Please contact me at Springhouse – 617-971-1637.

Ethos, established in 1974 is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting independence, dignity and well-being among the elderly and disabled through quality, affordable and culturally-appropriate home and community-based care.  For more information about Ethos

SeniorPalooza is Ethos' way of honoring the older Americans in their community and supporting their continued vitality.  Seminars, demonstrations, and other educational events held throughout the month of May provide a wealth of opportunities for elders and their loved ones to learn about the many resources available for home-based care. SeniorPalooza is not just for seniors. Younger people of any age are welcome to attend the events and get to know the seniors in the community or volunteer time and talent. More information about Senior Palooza

For further information call 617-710-3811.